Quick Update: 2.5 Weeks To Go

I know I promised all of you a couple of posts on what to buy for newborn babies. I’ve almost finished preparing it and just need to put the final touches on it before I set it live. It’s just been a tiresome few days for me. My sleep pattern has turned into a mere two hours sleep each night and then sleeping whenever I can during the day. Quite exhausting and making me feel extremely irritated. But I think that’s the baby’s way of preparing me for when she arrives.

I wanted to just give you all a quick update on how I’m doing and let you know that I haven’t forgotten about the posts. I’ve actually prepared a couple of posts, first; what to pack in your and baby’s hospital bag and second; what to purchase for baby’s essential needs for the first few months. I plan to have these posts up this weekend for you!

Besides that, my sciatic pain is at its peak; pretty much nothing is helping these days when it flares up. I’ve been placed on another type of insulin as well. So now I am taking one before dinner and then another shot after dinner, before I go to bed. The second shot is a slower working one and is helping bring down my blood-sugar levels while I sleep. I don’t mind taking them, although its a bit painful at times. I’ve just noticed that baby moves less after I take the second shot; which has freaked me out the past two nights. But then she’ll kick after a while and I’ll feel somewhat relieved. I think I’ll discuss it with the diabetes staff on Monday at my next appointment and see what their thinking is towards her movement infrequency.

I know baby is fine and healthy because due to the insulin I am now required to do weekly nerve stress tests (NST), where they put monitors on my tummy to hear babe’s heartbeat and have me click a button every time she moves. Plus, my gyno has absolutely no concerns regarding baby’s well-being either. It just stresses me out a bit when she doesn’t move as frequently after I’ve taken the second insulin shot.

Oh well, guess I’ll keep an eye out to make sure everything else feels normal until my appointment on Monday. I’ll give you an update on Monday about what the docs think.

Until then, enjoy your Friday and stay tuned for my upcoming posts!

Xoxo ~ Tamana


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