What To Bring To The Hospital

Before I tell you what the necessities are to buy for your new bundle of joy, I have to stress how important it is to ensure your hospital bag is ready.

D and I had a scare a couple of nights ago; I was having intense Braxton Hicks contractions. Since I haven’t had them up until now, I thought I was going into labor and it was finally time. With the pains and then trying to scramble things into a bag to take for babe and me, I nearly had a panic attack and passed out. We managed to grab clothes and basic stuff that we thought we would need and rushed out the door. While sitting in the car, as he drove me to the hospital, I realized that I didn’t pack babe’s blanket, hat or gloves and I forgot to pack my towel and toiletries. Half way to the hospital I started freaking out and we almost turned back around to come home. But the pain was too intense so we just kept driving.

Luckily for me, it was a false alarm and what I though was the real thing was indeed Braxton Hicks. But after I was home, calm and pain-free, I realized that the first thing I need to do is make sure mine and babe’s hospital bags were properly packed and ready to go for whenever the real time arrived. So, that night I made the following list of necessities we’ll need and got our bag ready the next morning. Now, the bags are all ready to go whenever the time comes and I can rest assured that I won’t be having another freak session while in intense pain.

Here’s what I’ve packed in our bags. I did a lot if reading and found these items to be most important to take along for babe and me.

My Hospital Bag:

General Items:
Pen and pad, for taking notes
Stopwatch to time contractions
Massage oil
My favorite pillow
Hair tie, headband, hair clip
iPod and headphones
Who to Call list and a calling card to make long distance calls, plus lots of change
Camera and charger
Cellphone charger

Personal Items:

Toothbrush, toothpaste, and mouthwash
Chapstick and lipgloss
Travel size shampoo, conditioner, body wash and moisturizer, face wash and an eyeliner
Maxi-pads ( I know the hospital provides diaper size ones but I’m more comfortable with my Always brand, so I’m bringing them just in case)
Sanitary feminine wipes


2-3 underwear
Nursing bra and nursing pads
Pajamas, socks and slippers/flip flops
Track-pants, sweatshirt and top to wear home

Babe’s Hospital Bag:

Warm Blanket: It’s going to be November by the time babe arrives, so I want to make sure she is warm in and out of the hospital.

Snowsuit, Hat, Gloves and Booties: Again this is due to the weather here.

Take Home Outfit: I’ve chosen a cute three-piece that will cover her from head-to-toe and is warm.

Basic Toiletries: Although the hospital will provide most things, I am taking along a comb, Vaseline for her tushie, nail clippers. Babies R Us has a Johnson & Johnson travel kit for $5.99 which includes, baby wash, powder, rash cream, baby lotion and shampoo, I’ve included this in my baby bag as well.

Car Seat: The nurses will not let you leave unless babe is safely seated in a car seat. So, make sure you learn to use it before going to the hospital. D and I found out that if you go to our local police station, they will teach you how to install it safely in the car and use it. Plus, they’ll answer any questions or concerns you may have. New parents should definitely take advantage of this free service!

D’s Backpack:

A change of clothes
Snacks and drinks
Towel and toothbrush
iPod and iPhone

Thats all! if you think I’ve missed anything, please do let me know. After all, this is my first go at this! Hope this helps all you other new moms to-be.

Stay tuned for my baby essentials post coming later this weekend!


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