Pregnancy Update

Mondays are really tough for me due to three back-to-back doctor’s appointments. By the time I’m done the last one, I am so exhausted that I can barely make it home in order to fall asleep.

Yesterday’s string of appointments consisted of a visit to my gynecologist, the NST room in the maternity ward and then the diabetes clinic in the hospital’s out-patient department. The NST appointments are generally easy to deal with because you get to lay down and relax as the nurse places a contractions tracker and baby heartbeat monitor on you. The only thing you have to do is click a button every time you feel the baby move. Quite easy-peasy!

Then the diabetes clinic is mainly an assessment of your blood-sugar tracking log and a conversation with the diabetes’ doctor to making sure you’re doing ok and not experiencing any issues with the insulin or your sugar levels. Sometimes, my doc gets mad at me for going overboard with the junk food. But I always remind her that I’m taking the insulin per her discretion and don’t have junk food every day, it’s just every few days I get a craving for Haagen-Dazs Vanilla Swiss Almond ice cream and can’t stop myself from finishing the tub in one sitting! Lol. I know that’s pretty bad of me, I just can’t help myself some days; especially when I feel extremely hot.

Anyway, the first appointment of the day normally begins with a visit to my gynecologist to discuss and assess the past week’s progress. Normally, everything comes out great and she almost never has any concerns. But this time around when I told her that last week the diabetes’ doctor put me on a secondary insulin, my gyno had concerns. She mentioned that since I’m on insulin and will be 38 weeks pregnant tomorrow, she would like to induce labor next Tuesday, unless of course babe comes out on her own before that. Apparently, they don’t let women with gestational diabetes, especially those on insulin go the full term of their pregnancy. Plus, my doctor will be at the hospital on Tuesday and can induce the labor and deliver the baby too; which I am very relieved about.

After hearing the whole process from her and then asking a million and one questions, D and I left the office quite shaken and nervous. I mean, up until now it was fine, we know babe was going to arrive sooner or later; we just didn’t have an exact date. Now we do. She’s going to be her on October 30th, 2012 and now I realize I have so much to do before she arrives next week. Am I freaked out? Heck yes! Do I feel like I’m just not ready? Absolutely! I know I knew all along that she would be here in a couple of weeks, but that was a couple of weeks; not one week!!!!

So, my mother instincts put me in full-gear after all the appointments and a nice nap. I was out and about. I purchased my diaper bag (fin-ally), ordered her name wall decal from Etsy and even got the hooks for her cribs canopy. Even a full schedule for today was all planned out. Bank first thing in the morning, followed by a final trip to Ikea to pick up her carpet and side table. Then off to a Service Canada location to pick up applications for the Child Tax Benefits and finally filling out my employment insurance application online and submitting it.

It’s going to be a busy couple of days. But I need to get all these errands done before I can do one final cleaning of her room and know that I’m ready. So, if I’m MIA for a couple of days, you all know why. I’ll try my best to post again later this week, but in case I don’t, please understand and be patient with me. My life is about to change drastically within the next week and I’m scared, nervous and anxious as heck and just need to make sure I feel in place to take on this new role the almighty is granting me.

Will try to keep you posted on my progress over the next few days (even if its just with basic updates).

Wish me luck! My mommy to-be venture is about to begin. 🙂



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