Quick Update

This week seems to just be flying by! I’ve gotten a lot done over the past few days but OMG where has the week gone and why is it going by so fast? My sweetie’s nursery is 99% ready for her arrival. I’m just waiting for the name wall decal to arrive that her aunty, Li, who was ever so kind to order for us. Then it’ll be 100%.

Plus, I’ve gone over my hospital bag and babe’s with my mom to make sure I hadn’t missed anything. Mom’s given her approval and was actually quite impressed with my packing skills and the fact that I didn’t forget to include anything. I’ve booked a ride for Monday night to and from the hospital. My dad’s offered to keep babe’s carseat in his car and will be our chauffeur for the ride to and from the hospital.

Last things I need to get done before Monday are: get my court date (for a speeding ticket 😫) switched from November 1st to a later date (as clearly I will not be able to attend due to the obvious), finish laundry and make sure it’s all nicely folded and put away, a quick trip to the grocery store to make sure the cupboards and fridge are nicely stocked with goodies and essentials, and then I think I’m done.

But really, the past few days have been so hectic and I feel terribly exhausted. So, I’m hoping to get these final few things done tomorrow so that I can spend the weekend resting, because God knows I’m going to need my energy next week. My mom and D have been ever so generous to help out with making sure everything I needed done was done, without having me do most of the running around. But even with the minimal running around, I’ve managed to really tire myself out.

Matter of fact, I’m quite exhausted now and I should probably call it a night! Off to bed I go. I’ll try my best to give you anther update before the week is over.

Until then, enjoy the rest of your week.



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