Frankenstorm: Prayers For Our Friends Down South

As the Frankenstorm aka Hurricane Sandy arrives, I’m sending out prayers to all my friends and readers south of the border and in Ontario. I hope you’re all surrounded by loved ones and are in a safe, dry place. Please keep out of danger and stay home unless its absolutely urgent.

We’ve been watching the news all evening and have been praying that everyone in its path is safe and secure. They’ve alerted us here in Ontario as well that conditions will be getting worst as the storm moves up and so we’ve made sure our family and friends are aware of the storm and are staying home unless absolutely necessary.

As for me, I’m supposed to go into the hospital tomorrow afternoon to have a gel put on my cervix to begin ripening it. However, I’m going to watch the weather and call the hospital before I leave to make sure they still want me to come in.

I’ll keep you posted on tomorrow’s hospital appointment and whether or not I make it out there. But please all of you keep yourselves safe as the storm passes and ensure you have an emergency kit ready with all the necessities you’ll need with food, water, blankets, flash lights, batteries, towels, warm clothes and toiletries.

Stay safe!! You are all in my prayers.



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