Home With my Angel

Ni, D and I were discharged from the hospital yesterday around noon. My mom and dad came to pick us up and drive us home. We were first taken to their house so that they could welcome my bundle of joy there (as that’s where all the grandchildren first go before heading to their own homes). After a brief ritual ceremony, my parents dropped us to our apartment.

Mom stayed with us for a few hours so D and I could shower and get adjusted while she looked after Ni. After feeding, burping, changing Ni, she was asleep for a good couple of hours in her bassinet. The day went by pretty smoothly with only one or two fuss sessions from her.

D and I are both quite exhausted from the past week’s events and nights at the hospital. We’re trying to get in as much sleep as possible while Ni sleeps. But all in all, even with all the exhaustion, we are both so happy to finally have her here. And even though this is all so new, scary and nerve-wrecking for us, we’re taking it one day at the time (actually one feeding at a time).

Well, D’s just confirmed that princess Ni is finally back to sleep, so I better hurry and get some shut eye too. I’ll try to post again later today if the time permits. Until then have a great weekend!



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