Ni’s 2 Week Birthday Letter

Happy 2 Week Birthday Ni

You’re two weeks old and what an eventful past week it has been. You went with mommy and daddy to the dentist for daddy’s filling, then on our way home we stopped at the bank and the nice bank teller complimented on how adorable you are.

After that, Sunday was Dhanteeras and also your naam karan (official naming). Nanu (aka grandpa) bought you your first pair of gold hoop earrings and papa bought you a beautiful silver coin with Goddess Laxshmi and Ganesh Ji on it. Also, Nanu Mamu (aka your great-uncle) came to see you that day and brought you a beautiful onsie with hat, little booties and a nappy.

Tuesday was Diwali. Your first Diwali! First papa and mom did Laxshmi puja at home and you were blessed by all the Gods. Then we all went over to nana, nani’s house and we prayed there as well. Nani gave you your first pure silver spoon, glass, and bowl and lots of new clothes and Mami (your aunt) bought mommy a microwaveable bottle sterilizer. We gave your cousins chocolate and money. Then mom and dad had dinner while Mami held you and your cousins played with your tiny fingers.

Diwali was a fantastic day with most of your family there to celebrate your first with you and you were such a darling angel and didn’t cry or fuss one bit. By-the-way, did you know that mommy was born on Diwali and every year nana and nani celebrate mommy’s birthday first on Diwali and then again on her actual birthday? Well, it’s true! Mommy always gets to celebrate her birthday twice.

Anyway angel, today is your 2 week birthday, so mommy’s going to give you tons of kisses and celebrate you today.

Happy 2 Week Birthday my angel! Xoxox


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