Quick Update: Exhaustion and Colic Issues

Dearest Ni had horrible gas all night and an upset stomach. Mommy and daddy spent the night taking shifts carrying, rocking and swaddling Ni. 4-5 diapers later and running out to get gripe water at 2:30 in the morning, Ni finally fell asleep around 8:45am this morning. Poor little angel was in such horrible pain and discomfort all night with colic issues. Mommy and daddy didn’t take a chance to rest or relax either. After all how could they when their little princess was in such discomfort?

But exhaustion has taken on a whole different level for mommy and daddy this past day and night. Thank goodness grandma came over this evening to help mommy out. Otherwise God only knows mommy might have gone nuts. And poor daddy still hasn’t slept yet. He held Ni most of the night trying to sooth her and ease her pain and discomfort; while mommy grabbed diapers and tried to pump breast milk.

Maybe I’ll give D a massage tonight before bed and let him sleep in tomorrow while grandma and I tend to Ni’s needs. Ni finally seems a bit at ease now and hopefully we’ll have a better night.

Well, I’m off for now. Hope you’ve all enjoyed your weekend and have rested up for the week ahead.


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