Ni’s 3 Week Birthday Letter

Happy Belated 3 Week Birthday Ni!

What an eventful week its been. You haven’t given mommy much time to write a post for her blog all week until now. You’ve been quite fussy past few days, probably due to gas and being over stimulated. But now that you’re asleep mommy can write your birthday letter quickly!

On Tuesday, you had your first trip to a mall, Cedarbrea Mall. Daddy needed a hair cut, so the three of us went there and you slept peacefully in your carseat while daddy got his haircut. Later, we went for a drive downtown. Mommy and daddy grabbed a coffee from Tim Horton’s and then took you to Porter. You were fast asleep but mommy and daddy enjoyed being on the drive and getting out in the fresh air for a little while.

Then on Wednesday was your 3 week birthday and according to Hindu religion your 21st day. So, you nani did a small prayer at our house and nana and mami all attended. This was a prayer to welcome you into our lives and bless you with happiness, health and love.

Anyway, my darling, you’re finally asleep now and mommy too is tired, so mommy’s going to take a nap while you sleep.

Happy 3 Week Birthday, my angel. Xoxo


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