Finally Some Couple Time

D and I got to spend the past two days and nights baby-free. We missed her dearly but really needed time as a couple to rekindle our love and take sometime away for our relationship. My mom kept Ni at her place the last two nights and gave us much needed time to rest and enjoy each other’s company. It was quite fantastic!

What I’ve learnt these past few weeks after Ni’s arrival is that it is extremely important for couples to make time for each other and if possible ask for help from family and take a day to themselves. This is will help take away the exhaustion, frustrations and nervousness of caring for a newborn, especially for first-time parents. Plus, it’ll give you time as a couple to enjoy each other’s company and get all the pending errands done; which you’re unable to do when baby is around.

Anyway, Ni’s awake and I must attend to my little princess now. Just a final word before I sign off: having a child is one of the most toughest, time-consuming and exhausting things in the world. But make sure to enjoy it because before you know it baby will be old. Also, don’t forget to enjoy each other as a couple and as a family. Having a newborn has taught me the meaning of family and helped me appreciate it so much more.

Xoxo – happy mother-hooding!


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