Ni’s 4 Week Birthday Letter

Happy 1 Month Birthday My Angel, Ni!

OMG! It’s already been a month since you were born! You’ve grown a bit and have done many things this past month. You’ve had your first car ride, been downtown, been to the mall, had your first doctor’s appointment, and even your first sleepover at grandma’s house. It’s been a fantastic month, my little angel.

Today mommy wants to tell you how mommy and daddy decided on your beautiful name.

You see since mommy found out she was pregnant she started searching for names on google and came across one that she absolutely loved; Anandani. The meaning was just as beautiful as the name. It means, blessing. And well, you’re a blessing for mommy and daddy, so we thought this name would suit you a lot. The other reason mommy liked this name so much was because if you wanted you could use Ana as your first name and Nandani as your middle name. This way, people wouldn’t have trouble pronouncing your name in school.

But daddy wasn’t fond of the name Anandani, plus daddy’s bua’s name is Nanda so your name and her name would be too similar. So, daddy told mommy to keep looking for names. Your maasi (aunt) and nani loved the name Sia and wanted us to name you that. But neither mommy and daddy liked that name.

Then one day mommy was watching Kuch Toh Log Kahenge (Indian soap opera) and the main actresses’ name was Nidhi. Mommy thought that name along with the actress was beautiful. So, mommy searched for the meaning of that name online and found that it meant Prosperity and wealth. And although you are a blessing for mommy and daddy, you are also our wealth. You are what made our house a home. Knowing that you were in mommy’s tummy brought daddy and mommy together and grew our relationship. So, what better name to give you than one that meant so much to us.

Finally daddy and mommy fell in love with that name. We told your dadi-bua and nani and they too told us they liked the name. And then two weeks before you were born mommy and daddy finalized your name! This is how you got your beautiful name. I hope you grow up to love it too as much as we do.

Anyway, Happy Birthday again, princess! Mommy an daddy love you dearly.



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