Ni’s 5 Week Birthday Letter

Happy 5 Week Birthday Angel!

Time seems to be flying by and you are getting bigger by the day. This past week we haven’t done many exciting things except that your Aunty Cat came by for a visit and had dinner with mommy. You were at your grandma’s house for the most part of her visit and that gave mommy much needed time to chat with Cat. Mommy showed her your room and all your fancy clothes and things. Then grandpa and grandma dropped you off and Aunty Cat wouldn’t let you out of her arms until she had to go home. You too seemed to enjoy your time with her in her arms. You didn’t fuss or cry one bit. What a good girl you were.

Today mommy put you in your Santa/reindeer suit with your Santa hat and took Christmas photos of you. You looked absolutely adorable!

Anyway angel, today mommy wants to apologize for getting frustrated last week. You had been fussing and crying all night due to no fault of your own. But mommy was exhausted and became depressed and let her frustration come out. Although you don’t understand anything that mommy says, I’m sure you felt her frustration as she was trying to calm you down.

I’m sorry angel. Mommy didn’t mean to act like that in front of you or towards you. She was just really tired and overwhelmed that you had so much discomfort and wouldn’t calm down. Mommy promises to not let her frustration show towards you again. She’ll try her best to cope with whatever is going on and not let it reflect on you at all.

Mommy loves you dearly and wants you to grow up in a happy, loving home. And mommy and daddy will do anything to ensure we do! Happy 5 week birthday again, angel pie!


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