Ni’s 6 Week Birthday Letter

Happy 6 Week Birthday Ni!

It’s been a good week. Last Friday, mommy took you to meet a bunch of daddy’s friends and they all complimented you on how adorable and beautiful you are. But the all said that you look more like daddy and barely like me. Quite frankly, it’s true. Your eyes, your nose, even your hair all looks like daddy’s. The only feature you really got from mommy are your lips and skin color. Anyway, they all have you their blessings and lots of hugs.

On Saturday, grandma, mommy and you went on your first grocery shopping trip. You were in your stroller but you were wide awake and seemed to enjoy the ride.

Besides that, it’s been a pretty quiet week at home. We didn’t do much. But mommy did have her 6 week follow up appointment with her gynecologist who delivered you. She saw photos of you and mentioned that you were so cute and an absolute darling. She gave mommy some tips on helping you cope with your gas issues and on how to get you to sleep better. She then discussed how mommy can prevent a little brother or sister for you from arriving so soon and discussed the options mommy can take.

Anyway darling, mommy needs to go back to sleep, since you’re finally back to sleep too. Happy Birthday darling. Keep growing and giving mommy those adorable smiles. Mommy and daddy love you dearly. Xoxo


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