Ni’s 7 Week Birthday Letter

Happy 7 Week Birthday, Ni!

This has been a rough week for both you and mommy. We both fell sick and were stricken with the flu. After a visit with the doctor, you seem to be better; minus your stuffy nose. And mommy is slowly getting better too. You were weighed at the doctors office this week and we found out that you weigh 10.5 lbs now! My little princess has grown so much these past few weeks; even your clothes seem to be too small for you lately! But it’s all good because that’s what’s supposed to happen; you’re supposed to outgrow your clothes. Mommy bought you more clothes and she especially loves the new polka dot onsie she got. I’m sure you’ll look absolutely adorable in it!

Anyway sweetheart, not much else has happened this week besides mommy and daddy made a small, quick trip to Ottawa. Unfortunately, due to the weather, you not feeling well and the fact that we had a lot of running around to do there, you stayed with your grandparents and didn’t accompany us. As always, you seemed to enjoy your time with your cousins and grandparents and didn’t fuss one bit. My darling is such a good girl!

Well, darling, you’re ready for your milk (you’ve begun waking up), so mommy’s going to stop writing now and hurry to get your milk ready. Happy 7 week birthday again, my darling angel. Mommy and daddy love you dearly!

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