Happy Holidays


The holidays are here and Christmas is only 3 days away. Although this year, Dev and I have decided not to put up a Christmas tree and hold our annual Christmas dinner, we will have a small dinner just for me and him with our little angel. We’ve bought some gifts for my parents, sister-in-law and niece and nephews but we’re not exchanging gifts between each other. With me being on maternity leave, our budget is quite tight this year and gifts aren’t quite necessary. I mean, after all, the holidays are more about spending time with family and friends right?

But I wanted to send all of you a holiday message. I wanted to tell you to enjoy the holidays with your family and friends and don’t obsess over gifts and what you got or didn’t get and what you gave and didn’t give. Don’t spend time obsessing over all the sales and luxurious items you could have purchased. Because material things will always be around but life is short and family and loved ones have an expiry date. Take the time to show the ones you love how much you love them. Make amends with the ones that have slipped away due to misunderstandings and silly faults. Love can fix all and this time of year, love is in the air!

So, enjoy the holidays and stay safe, count your blessings for all you have and show your loved ones how very much they mean to you!

Happy Holidays, lovies!


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