Ni’s 8 Week Birthday Letter

Happy 8 Week Birthday and Merry Christmas, my darling angel!

This week has been quite a busy week for all of us. We had to shop for presents for your cousins, grandparents and aunts. Plus we did a lot of running around getting other errands done. But you my darling, are always an angel when it comes to driving around the city. You never fuss or cry in the car. Your mami always says that you are exactly like your oldest cousin, Abhi. He used to love being in the car too when he was as little as you. And why wouldn’t you be like him? After all, your birthdays are only one day apart.

Anyway, we spent Christmas Eve at your grandparents house and gave everyone their presents. You know, I love watching everyone open their presents. The happiness on their faces are truly a pleasure. I can’t wait for your to grow a bit older so that I can see the happiness on your face when you open your presents!

Well, my darling, this week’s letter is short because not much else has happened. So, hugs and kisses always to you and a very happy 8 week birthday and merry Christmas again to you darling.

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