Ni’s 9 Week Birthday Letter

Happy 9 Week Birthday, my angel and Happy New Year! It’s been a quiet week for us. With all the snow outside, mommy and daddy didn’t really take you out much this week, besides a visit to your grandparents house. We even spent New Year’s Eve at home with you because it was just too cold to be outside. But the night was fun. Mommy and daddy popped open a bottle of champagne and toasted the new year. You got a sip of gripe water as your toast because you seemed to couldn’t get rid of your hiccups. 🙂

But mommy and daddy gave you so many kisses and daddy said that you were the best gift we could’ve received. You were the blessing we both had long waited for. You know, sometimes when I see your daddy with you, I fall more in love with him. He truly loves you with all his heart and it shows on his face. Every time he sees you, his face lights up like a million candles and when you smile, the expression on his face is like fireworks going off. It’s truly beautiful seeing the bond he has with you. After all, you are his little princess.

Anyway, darling, I hope this new year brings all of us lots of joy, happiness and closer together. I hope you grow at a healthy rate and learn many new and amazing things. And I hope you’ll let me be your guide and hold your little hand through this year and always.

Happy 9 weeks darling and happy new year. Xoxox Mommy and daddy love your for always.


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