Ni’s 10 Week Birthday Letter

Happy 10 Week Birthday, Angel!

This has been an interesting, nerve-wrecking and fun week. Your grandma bought us a 16×20 family portrait gift card from The Bay for Christmas and the three of us got all dolled up and had our photo taken. You weren’t fussy at all and we managed to get a great photo taken of us. But it’ll be about four weeks before we get it. Plus, I’ve already thought of the perfect place to put it up once its ready.

Then mommy had a real scare because you had developed a rash all over your body and face. Mommy and grandma took you to the after-hours walk-in clinic and were advised by the doctor that you have severe eczema. So, he prescribed you a jar of cortisone ointment and recommended mommy not use any soap or baby wash on you. You seem relieved of the itchiness and irritation now and your skin and face have gone back to normal. Phew! That was hard to deal with because you looked like a swollen strawberry.

Yesterday you had your first immunization! It was more nerve-wrecking and painful for me to watch then it was for you to endure. You got one needle on each thigh and had to take an oral liquid-form medicine too. You cried a bit, but your mommy was prepared for any pain or fever you may experience. I remembered that when we were at the hospital when you were born, the nurse would give you a little bit of sugar water before giving you a needle. So, being the smart mommy that I am, I took a bottle of sugar water for you to have after your needle an some Tempra. Then you pretty much slept all day.

It was an interesting, up and down type of week. Plus, mommy found out that you are now 11lbs 10 ounces and 57 cm long. My little angel, you’re growing so quickly! You barely fit into your 0-3 month clothes now. But it’s all good. You are adorable as always.

Happy 10 Week Birthday again, sweetheart! Don’t you ever forget how much mommy and daddy love you. Xoxo


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