Ni’s 11 Week Birthday Letter

Happy 11 Week Birthday, darling! You’re already 11 weeks old and it seems like just yesterday we brought you home from the hospital. Time has really flown by. Yesterday, daddy and I were selecting photos we wanted to have printed to put in your baby album and on the wall in the living room as a collage and we realized how much you have grown. You were such a tiny little angel and now you’re getting heavier and growing taller. I also put away some of your clothes that you have outgrown and they were so tiny and cute. I just can’t believe it.

Plus, next month I’ll be able to feed you rice and/or oat cereal and you can also begin drinking some water. I’m really excited to start feeding you cereal. Today, I’m even going to be buying you a high-chair to sit on when I feed you. And before you know it, you’ll be able to have veggies and fruits and normal milk. Oh darling angel, mommy is so excited to see you grow!

Now lets talk about this past week. Not much has happened besides the big family dinner your grandparents held at their home on Saturday. All of our relatives and family friends got to finally meet you and give you blessings. You also received many gifts; clothes and money. An everyone told daddy that you look just like him and are absolutely beautiful. Plus, you looked so cute in your little blue strawberry dress.

Besides that yesterday daddy and you got to spend a lot of one-on-one time together while mommy did the laundry and ran errands. Daddy seems to be getting the hang of taking care of you too now. He said that you and him had lots of chats between you and he really enjoyed himself. Of course, he did most of the talking and you just listened and cooed and smiled back at him. But either way, your little coos and smiles really made his day.

I think it was very important for him to spend some alone time with you. It really gave him a chance to know what mommy does all day and how she takes care of you. Plus, mommy needed a little break too, not from you of course. But I just needed to get out of the house for a little bit and be on my own. Sometimes, alone time is healthy for the soul; you’ll understand once you get a bit older.

Anyway darling, that’s mainly it for this week. You keep growing an cooing and giggling because that’s what gets mommy by during the day. Mommy and daddy loves you dearly. Happy 11 week birthday again sweetheart. Xoxo


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