Sometimes Dreams Do Come True

Yesterday was one of those days where I realized that a dream I had as a little girl, had finally come true. You know those types of dreams that all us girls fantasize about; where we have hopes for how our married lives will be? Yup, yesterday one of those dreams was fulfilled for me.

D was home all day yesterday and looked after Ni as I was feeling under the weather. I ran out to get some groceries while he took care of her. He wanted to eat biryani for dinner, so I picked up chicken from Walmart. When I got home, Ni was taking a nap and so I asked D how to make Biryani as I had never made it before. But instead of just guiding me, he joined me in the kitchen and helped me cook. He chopped the onions, garlic and ginger; while I prepped the rice and masala.

He popped open a beer for me and made himself a drink and we joked and laughed and fooled around while cooking. Our first attempt at making Biryani turned into a horrible fail. We actually threw out the whole biryani. The rice had turned into mush and the chicken was undercooked. It was hilarious and fun being in the kitchen with him. But then he decided he was going to attempt it again. This time he told me to stay near and enjoy my beer while he cooked and I did just that.

The second attempt was way better and we actually got to eat, instead of starving ourselves. But the best part of the night was that we failed together and it was the best type of failing I have ever experienced. Just like I had dreamt and wanted all these years, he wrapped his arms around me from behind as I stirred the masala. He tickled me and joked as I fussed with the chicken being undercooked. It was one of the best nights of my life.

And even though we ended up wasting so much chicken and rice and then recooking it, I wouldn’t have had it any other way. So, after all these years, one of my childhood, girly fantasies finally came true last night. And I realize today how blessed I am to have met him and for becoming his wife. I don’t want to jinx myself, but my happily ever after has finally begun! (Knock on wood)


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