Ni’s 13 Week Birthday Letter

Happy Birthday, Darling!

You’re 13 weeks today! Tomorrow you will be 3 full months old. Time has really flown by. You’ve grown so much and everyday, mommy and daddy notice something new that you do. This past week you’ve started making spit bubbles and smiling even more. Even the noises you make have changed. Now you sometimes sigh when you’re tired and your cry has changed too. It’s all so adorable. The more we watch you, the more we fall in love with you.

This past week, mommy and daddy have been sick with a cold. Coughing, congestion and fevers. Even you seemed quite congested. So, we’ve pretty much stayed home all week, except for one day when we went over to your grandparents house. They were anxious to see you as I hadn’t taken you over for nearly a week. And grandma even put new bangles on your little wrists. Don’t worry they’re not heavy and it’s the little black and silver ones that we put to ware off any evil energy. They look quite cute on your little wrists.

Besides that, it’s been a pretty relaxed week. So, I don’t have much to write today. But I’m sure next week is going to be full of adventures. So, I’ll have more to write then.

Until next time, don’t you ever forget how much your mommy and daddy love you. Happy 13 Week Birthday again my darling angel! Xoxox


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