Ni’s 15 Week Birthday Letter

Happy 15 Week Birthday, darling!

Mommy’s sorry for not writing your letter yesterday. Today’s Valentine’s Day and mommy had to surprise your daddy with a candlelight dinner last night. So, she didn’t get a chance to write your letter until now. It was a very romantic evening for mommy and daddy. I lit 20 or so candles in the house and had set the table. I made baked chicken and stuffing and had wine. Your daddy really enjoyed it and was quite surprised that mommy did this for him. You, my darling, spent then evening and night at your grandma’s house.

Here’s a picture of our dinner table from last night:


Anyway, this past week has been tough for your physically and tough for mommy and daddy emotionally. You somehow contracted bacterial diarrhea and had 5-6 bowel movements daily. It was quite scary for us. We took you to the doctor and he had us give you Pedialyt and switch your formula to a soy base one to help ease your stomach.

You’re getting better daily and I’m very relieved by that. But you know, through it all, you’ve been such a good little girl and have barely fussed or cried. You’re such a great baby and mommy and daddy are so thankful for having you. We love you dearly and don’t you ever forget that we’ll be by your side, holding your hand whenever anything goes wrong. We’ll be your strength and cuddle you with love whenever you need us. Love you darling.

Happy Birthday again. Grow older, grow happier and healthier. Muahh!


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