Ni’s 16 Week Birthday Letter

20121115-004614.jpgHappy 16 Week Birthday, darling.

Time is just flying by and you’re already 16 weeks old. You’re growing so fast and getting bigger daily. You’ve already even begun to teeth. It appears you have your first bottom tooth peeking out slightly. At first, grandma didn’t believe mommy that you had already begun teething, but then when she checked herself, she was convinced.

This teething process has put a lot of pressure on you lately. You’ve been extra fussy and in pain. But mommy’s got the solution to help ease your pain! I’ve given you some Tempra and I’ve been giving you a cold soother and teether. That seems to help ease your pain. Plus, you’ve spent endless time in mommy and daddy’s arms and when we get tired, your grandparents and mami help out.

It’s crazy how quickly time is flying by. This week, mommy’s going to begin looking for day-cares to potentially put you in for when mommy has to go back to work. Plus, mommy’s going to get your passport made this week. We don’t have any plans to travel anytime soon, but when your grandparents come from India, we might take them to New York and I want to make sure you are ready to go with all of us.

Besides that, it’s been a pretty boring week. Your teething has been the excitement of the week. So, for now, that’s all mommy has to write about. But don’t you ever forget that mommy and daddy love your dearly and that you are theist precious angel in our lives. Happy birthday, sweetheart. Xoxox



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