Tomorrow Is D’s Birthday!

Tomorrow is the love of my life’s birthday! I’m super excited and cannot wait until midnight and until he gets home tonight. Tonight we’re celebrating it at my parent’s house. My mom’s cooking dinner and I’m going to pick up a cake. After dinner, when midnight strikes we’re going to surprise him with his cake.

After we come home, I’m going to give him all his presents. I’ve already decorated the living-room and set his presents on our coffee table. Take a look at the pictures below for what I did. I didn’t splurge this time because funds are a bit tight right now. But I managed to get him clothes at an awesome sale price from Aeropostal. He loves Cars the movie, so I got him a few Cars brand gifts. And of course, how could I forget his sweet tooth. So, to help ease his chocolate cravings, I got him Hersey’s Kisses.

Tomorrow, he’s going to enjoy breakfast in bed and later we’re heading to Grazie for lunch. In the evening, a couple of his friends and I are going to pick him up and we’re going for dinner and drinks. Then Thursday he’ll get to enjoy a nice massage and home cooked lunch with all his favorite dishes. Plus, I’m baking a chocolate cake and sugar cookies for him to snack on over the next couple of days.

I really hope he enjoys my plans for his birthday. If we weren’t on a budget, I’d probably take him for another flying lesson. Ever since I surprised him with the first ones, he’s been hinting that he wants to go again. Hopefully, we’ll be able to do that for our anniversary later this year.

But for now, I really hope he enjoys his day. He’s my best-friend and the love of my life and I just want him to know that and make him feel extra special tomorrow.

Well, I have more planning and preparations to do, so I’ve got to stop writing. I’ll try posting more pics of his day tomorrow and give you all the details. Until then, xoxox and god bless.





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