Ni’s 18 Week Birthday Letter

20121115-004614.jpgHappy 18 Week birthday, darling!

This week has a been a bit hard for you; you got your second immunization. I think this time around it affected you more. You cried quite a lot and have been very fussy since you got your needle. Unfortunately, though, the doctor only had one of the vaccines on hand and has asked for me to bring you back in next Thursday once his stocks are refilled. So, you’ll have to endure the pain all over again. I’m sorry sweetie pie. But on the bright side, once this one is done next week; no more needles for another couple of months. Yay!

Anyway, honeybee, while we were at the doctors, I asked him to check your weight and height. You’re already 13.8 lbs and 64 cm tall. You’ve grown so much. While we were there a lady with her six month old daughter asked me if you were six months old as well and I was shocked. She said that you were so tall to be a four month old. I guess, I should’ve realized that myself, considering you don’t fit into any of your 3 months clothes and are now wearing six months clothes.

Your Mami is in New York and I’ve asked her to bring you lots of pretty dresses and outfits for the summer. So, your wardrobe will be well stocked after March 18th when she comes back.

Anyway, sweetheart, that’s all for this week. We didn’t so much this week besides go to the doctor and spend lots of time at grandma’s place. So, that’s all I have to tell you this week. But don’t forget how much mommy and daddy love you. Hugs and lots of kisses, especially on your booboo where the doctor gave you your needle. Xoxox

Happy Birthday again angel!


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