Ni’s 19 Week Birthday Letter


Happy 19 Week Birthday, sweetheart!

This week has been fun for both of us. The weather was fantastic and so we walked to your grandparent’s house. That was quite the workout for mommy trying to push your stroller and you up the big hill. But I need the exercise so I’m not complaining.

It was mommy and daddy’s second wedding’s first anniversary this week. Your grandma made dinner for us and daddy sent flowers and chocolate home for mommy. Plus, he surprised mommy with tickets for a helicopter ride over the Niagara Falls. We’ll take that trip later on as its too cold to do it now. Mommy didn’t get daddy anything this time as our funds were tight. But he knew that so it didn’t bother him. Plus, the helicopter ride is for both of us to enjoy.

Besides that its been a pretty normal week. You have to go back into the doctor’s office to get another needle as he didn’t have the immunization available last time. Hopefully, it won’t be too tough for you this time.

Anyway, darling, that’s all for this week. Happy birthday and don’t you ever forget how much mommy and daddy love you. Hugs and kisses always!


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