Ni’s 20 Week Birthday Letter


Happy 20 Week Birthday, angel!

This week hasn’t been very exciting or interesting. We stayed home and didn’t go out much, besides going to grandma’s house. We spent lots of time there and your mami is back from New Jersey and has brought you all sorts of adorable clothes and headbands. I can’t wait to dress you up in these beautiful clothes. But she bought many of them for the summer, since that’s what I’d ask her to buy for. But they are beautiful looking and you’ll exceptionally cute in all of them.

Besides that we’ve just been at home, spending time sleeping and eating and playing. There is one new thing you’ve started doing; you stick your little tongue out at mommy and daddy and its the cutest little thing in the world. Daddy loves it when you do it and took soapy photos of you.

Anyway, honeybee, this week mommy doesn’t have much to tell you other than she and daddy love you dearly and will always love you no matter how big you grow or wherever you go. Hugs and kisses always darling.

Happy 20 Week Birthday, again darling!


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