Some People Will Never Change


A few days ago I wrote a very heartfelt letter to someone. I was feeling so guilty and horrible for what I had done. But this person certainly can never change who they are. They are a stubborn, disrespectful, selfish person. They do not deserve someone’s sympathy, love or care.

I thought after what happened that day, they would change, they would realize what a horrible person they have been and possibly try to change themselves for the better. But no, they are the exact same as before. After all that has happened they didn’t even learn a lesson from it all. Instead, they turn around and blame other people for their faults. They point a finger at us and complain that we are the cause of all their miseries. When in fact, they have caused all this on themselves.

So, today, I want them to know that I was better off not giving a damn about them. And if life ever crosses our paths again, I will pass right by them as if they were a stranger because as of this moment, that is all they are to me. Matter of fact, they no longer exist in my life or world and can go to hell for all I give a damn.

As harsh as all this may sound, it is the absolute truth. You give your heart and love to someone, thinking it will help them change. But there are just some people in this world who are unworthy of your love and you’re better off keeping to yourself and minding your own business. That’s what I’ve decided to do after all of this. You live your life and don’t ever try to get involved in mine, for as of this moment we are complete strangers!


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