Unhealthy. Unfit. No More!


Enough is enough!!! I’m taking a stand against being unhealthy and unfit. I can’t look in the mirror any longer and not like what I see. I am a beautiful person on the inside, so why shouldn’t I be beautiful on the outside too?

I’ve taken this challenge to change how I look and feel about myself over and over again. But do you know what I lacked each time? Determination. Reason. Now I have both! Ni, my reason and my reason, my determination. So this time around I’m sure to succeed.

After giving birth to Ni, I lost about 26 lbs without much effort and without much effort I gained 24 lbs back. But I’m not preggers anymore and shouldn’t need to resort to my maternity clothes because nothing else will fit. So, I’m making a change. I’m taking control and I’m sure as hell going to slim down!

I’m changing my eating habits. I’m changing the liquids I drink and I’m going to dance my weight away. I’ll post a recipe for an awesome detox and refreshing alternative to boring water. Because anyone who knows me, knows I don’t drink nearly enough water. So, I’ve found an alternative. I’ll also post my 7 day breakfast and lunch meal plan. I’m excluding dinner plans because I barely have anything for dinner these days and try to keeps self full with my detox drink or a cup of hot milk. Next, I’ll include some easy dance moves and workout routines.

So join me on my adventure over the upcoming weeks and months as I shed the pounds away! Stay tuned and stay fit.


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