Ni’s 23 Week Birthday Letter

Happy 23 Week Birthday Princess!

This week you sat on the swing in grandma’s backyard and really enjoyed it. Mommy also bought you a bottle of bubbles but you didn’t seem too amused by them.

The big thing this week was that we went to Scarborough Town Centre with grandma and at the Visage salon you got your little ears pierced. You cried a little but mommy had your sugar water and tempra ready and quickly gave them to you so you didn’t fuss to much. Matter-of-fact, mommy was more scared than you were. So, grandma took you in her lap and got your ears pierced. Now you look like a little cutie pie with white gold earrings.

That’s mainly all we did, if that wasn’t exciting enough. Well, that’s all princess. Don’t ever forget how much mommy and daddy love you. We’ll be with you forever and ever!

Hugs and kisses always.

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