Ni’s 24 Week Birthday Letter


Happy 24 Week Birthday Angel Pie!

I can’t believe you’re almost 6 months old. Feels like just yesterday we brought you home from the hospital. You were such a tiny little angel and now you sit up by yourself, pull your soother out of your mouth and throw it around the house, you giggle and laugh and have full conversations with your grandpa (only you two know your secret language).

But it’s amazing how quickly time has flown by with you, my darling. And now I’m starting to get nervous about how I’ll leave you and go back to work in November. I know there’s still a long time to go but at the speed the days are going by, it’s hard for me not to get worried and think about it. We aren’t wealthy enough that mommy could just stay home and take care of you all day. Plus, mommy enjoys having her career and learning new stuff. The challenges of my job keep me alive and thriving. But I wonder how I’ll do with balancing my work life and home life now that you’ve arrived. I guess, time will only tell. All I can hope is that I continue to succeed at work and as being a good mommy to you and wife to your daddy. And I know you and your daddy won’t let me fail on my quest to succeed. So, I’m not too worried. Just curious, I guess, to see how things go. We’ll just have to wait and see.

Anyway, this week has been quite full and boring. The only little bit of excitement we’ve had is that you ate mashed sweet potato for the first time. You didn’t like it one bit. Although, I managed to get you to eat a few spoonfuls, you spit it out a lot too. It’s definitely entertaining watching you try to open your mouth wide to eat. But what’s funny is you try to eat the spoon more than the food on the spoon. That’s a new thing you’ve started doing lately; trying to eat or suck on anything in arms reach. And there is so much slobber all over your face, fingers and clothes. It’s cute but quite messy.

So, you’re going to be six months old soon and mommy has got a surprise for you! I can’t wait until the 30th for your mid-year birthday. Daddy and mommy have it all planned out. I really hope you’ll enjoy it too. You’re too small to know but I’ll take lots of pictures for your photo album and my blog.

Anyway, darling, that’s all for this week. Never forget how much mommy and daddy love you. Hugs and kisses always. And happy almost six month (aka 24 weeks) birthday again!



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