Updates. Updates. Updates.

Lots of updates to give all of you today. But I’m in a hurry, so this is going to be quick and sweet. (Ni’s asleep and I have a lot of work to do before she wakes up)

1. No update yet on the hypothyroidism yet. Haven’t gone for the blood test. (Bad and lazy me) It’s just been busy for me lately. But I will go on Monday and have the results hopefully by end of next week.

2. D and I have been renovating our apartment. We’ve turned our old dressing table into a tv stand. Painted a bare corner shelf unit and even purchased a whole new bedroom set. If you follow me on Twitter (@zidditamana) or on Instagram (@ziddi) then you would’ve seen the before and after photos of the corner shelf unit. If not, I’ve posted them below for you. All my renovations are Pinterest inspired. You can follow me there too (@zidditamana).

3. D’s family (aka Ni’s god-aunt and uncle) are trying to come visit in late June. Hence, all the renovating.

4. I’m in spring cleaning mode and daily targeting one corner of my home. I’m surprised at how much clothes and things I have to donate to Goodwill. Sheesh! So far 5 bags donated and I’m not even done yet. I’m really de-cluttering my home. It’s crazy the amount of crap we accumulate over the years. Well, finally I’m getting rid of all the junk.

5. Dr. Bernstein Update: I recently spoke to their clinic again and after working some numbers into my budget, I am highly considering signing up to their program. Nothing is working with my weight-loss and I’m becoming overly stressed over it. After I get my blood test results next week, I’m going to decide on whether I want to or should sign up for Dr. Bernstein’s weight-loss program or not.

6. You may have noticed that ever since Ni turned 6 months old, I’ve stopped writing weekly letters to her. I’ve decided that monthly letters would be more detailed and better for her to read then weekly ones now that she’s going older. So, stay tuned for her end of month letter on May 31st.

Well, that’s all for now. I’ll keep you all posted on my results and renovations! Until them, Happy May 24 long-weekend to my Canadian friends and have a great weekend to everyone else. Xoxo




I still need to make holes on the back of the top two shelves so we can move our DVD player and Rogers digital cable box inside. But this is pretty much all done.


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