Bittersweet Day


A member of my family is being given away today and a new member is set to be welcomed. It’s a bittersweet day.

After 5 years of long drives, trips with friends and family, laughs and cries, I’m bidding farewell to my first love and baby; my Jeep Liberty, aka Bull. We’ve had lots of moments together. She’s given me some sorrows too. But over all she’s been the one to always be there no matter what the weather or situation was. She was my savior from cold, brutal Toronto winters and my escape away from miseries.

But she was 11 years old. Had her engine already replaced once and probably needed a lot of work done on her again. She was a beast on gas. So I traded her in today for something smaller and more fuel efficient. Yes, I bought a new car! A ’06 Jetta Volkswagen, matter-of-fact. My new Jetta is beautiful and has leather interior and a sunroof. I just hope she’ll stand by me as well as my Jeep did.

So today, I bid thee farewell, dear Liberty and welcome thee Jetta to the family. What a bittersweet type of day. A broken heart with some new hopes and dreams; that is the situation of me today.




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