Ni’s 7 Month Birthday Letter

Happy 7 Month Birthday, princess!

Time is flying by and you are getting so big. You’re learning new things and doing funny things daily. I’m shocked at how cute and sweet you are becoming.

This past month has been exciting at times and stressful at other times. We’ve done a lot this past month. You had your first trip to Centre Island. We rode a ferry across to the island and then you sat on mommy’s lap, then daddy’s lap as we played on the seesaw. You even ate ice cream and cookies.
Then we celebrated Mother’s Day with grandma. We bought her flowers and a cake and had a picture of you and her frames with the say, “only the best mothers get promoted to grandma” on it. Daddy bought mommy flowers too, but on your behalf. Then we spent the day playing games with you and went for a nice long walk at the Scarborough Bluffs.
You got your six month immunization and as usual, we’re such a perfect little angel and didn’t cry at all. Matter-of-fact, you giggled after Dr. Somera gave you the needle. He was quite impressed at how wonderful you were. He weighed you and checked your height. You haven’t grown taller yet but have jumps up to 16.8 lbs; which is perfect for your age.

Over the past couple of weeks your napping habits have changed intensely! You only nap 30-45 minutes at a time and only once or twice a day. I don’t know why this change has developed. But mommy and you both get exhausted and frustrated because you won’t sleep much during the day. The lack of sleep is exhausting you and making you very irritated most days. Thankfully, you get a proper night’s sleep!
Anyway, as the month came to an end, mommy and daddy decided it was time to say goodbye to Bull, aka our jeep Liberty and welcome a new baby into the family, aka Volkswagen Jetta. Bull has been with us for 6 years and was my first love and baby. She was always there for mommy and was safe and reliable. I brought Bella and Jack home in her and daddy and mommy came home together after getting married in her. I even drove to the hospital in her when I was about to have you, angel. She was very close to my heart. But vehicles get old and become unreliable and eventually a burden. Sadly, that was the case with Bull too.

So, mommy and daddy traded her away for our new car. Our Jetta is smaller than bull. But in much better condition and will be a bit cheaper on gas too. I hope we have a lot of firsts and memories with this car as we did with Bull. Time will tell.

Anyway, angel, that’s all for this month. It’s been an adventurous month. And now we begin your seventh month and see what new adventures we take from here on. Grow taller, stay healthy and never stop smiling. Never forget how much mommy and daddy love you. Xoxo

Happy 7 Month Birthday, sweetheart.20130531-095213.jpg

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