Life-Hack: Swiffer WetJet

How to get the cap off the Swiffer WetJet bottle has been a mystery for me, until now! I’ve been wasting so much money over the past six months on the refill bottles even though I don’t like the liquid cleaner inside them. All because I didn’t know you could get the cap off.

Silly me! I should’ve known better, there’s a Pin for that! Of course there is. There’s a Pin for anything and everything you could possibly think of on Pinterest. I mean with all those stay-at-home moms and dads (all the power to them) finding frugal ways to clean their home and organize, how could there not be? And I found it! Woohoo me! Oh and just so you know, it’s not rocket-science either. Come on, if I can do it, anyone can do it.

So here goes:

Remove the bottle from your Swiffer and flip it over so the cap is pointing downward. Boil a cup of water and put the bottle cap-down in the pot. Hold in place for about a minute.

Remove from water and with a clothe or towel, twist that sucker off as hard as you can. Good-job! You didn’t get it off. Lol. Don’t worry neither did I using that method. All the hot water did was soften the plastic a bit. So, I covered the cap with a clean towel and twisted it of with my mouth (I know, how un-motherly of me) but D wasn’t around so I used my mouth. If you don’t want to use your teeth, then get a wrench and grasp it with that and twist it off. It’ll be easier!

The next part in the Pin worked like a charm. Inside the cap there are itty-bitty flaps or ridges, whatever you want to call them. Get a nail-cutter and clip those off. Those are the little suckers that cause the cap to snap on to the bottle and make it so difficult to get off. Once you cut them off, you can refill your bottle with your choice of cleaner, I used Apple cider vinegar and water and twist the cap back on, pop the bottle back into your Swiffer and you’re ready to go.

Enjoy your now ever-so-awesome Swiffer WetJet without breaking the bank on those horrible refill bottles! Xoxo



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