Ni’s 8 Month Birthday Letter


Happy 8 MonthsBirthday, Angel!

You’re such a big girl now and you’re growing so quickly. Time is going by so fast; I cannot believe I only have four months left on my maternity leave. And before I have to go back to work.

Every day there is something new you do and make me and your dad fall even more in love with you. This month has been no exception. You’ve finally started saying dada, nana and chacha. I think I heard you say mama but that was just probably me hoping to hear you say it. But did you know that dada in Hindi means grandfather (your father‘s father), nana means grandfather too but your mother’s father and chacha means uncle (your father’s brother). It’s adorable hearing you saying dadadadadadada all day long. Your dad is just absolutely in love with the way you say it.
You’ve also started eating lots of new things this month. You seem to want to eat everything that mommy eats. So I’ve given you mashed veggies, chickpeas, fruits and even some rice and roti. Your tastebuds seem to enjoy savory foods more than sweets, just like your mommy. Every time I give you something sweet, you have the cutest little expression on your face showing your dislike. I love it.

You haven’t started crawling yet ( you still hate being on your stomach) but you like to stand. But when you’re lying down, you sit up and then with some support from me holding your hands, you can now stand up and even take a couple of wobbly steps before you fall back down.

But you’ve started sleeping in your crib now. Woohoo! It makes it much easier on mommy and daddy that you’re in your own room and we can go back to sleeping comfortably in our bed again. You know what though, sometimes it’s just so hard to see you sleeping all alone in your own room. So mommy comes and stands by your crib and watches you sleep every-so often. It’s adorable.


Anyway angel, happy birthday again. Don’t you ever forgot how much mommy and daddy love you. Hugs and kisses always.

Xoxox 💋


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