Day One – Weight-Loss Challenge

Today was a bit hard trying to make sure I didn’t indulge in junk food. Especially since it is Canada Day and we had friends over for the long-weekend. But I managed to eat somewhat healthy (compared to before).

I probably won’t be able to do this every day. But I’ll try to post my food journal as often as I can. So here’s day one of my journal:

2 slices brown toast with light margarine
Cup of black coffee
2 scrambled eggs
8-10 pieces of home-fries
2 glasses of water

Cup of black tea
3-4 triscuits
Glass of water
Salad with lemon juice and black pepper seasoning

Chickpea salad
2 glasses of water
1/2 whole-wheat roti

Slice apples with peanut butter
Small bowl of popcorn (no butter)

Seems like I ate a lot today. In fact, my portions were incredibly controlled. Come to think of it, the portions were small but I don’t feel hungry.

Day one was a breeze. Now lets just hope I can get through the rest of the week the same way.

Until tomorrow…


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