Day Two – Weight-Loss Challenge

Trying to eat healthy was a bit challenging today because I spent the day at my parent’s house and trying to convince them not to offer me all sorts of foods, correction unhealthy foods is nearly impossible. However, I still managed to eat healthy today!

Cup of Cinnamon tea
Apple with peanut butter
Glass of water before and after eating

Chickpea curry
Salad with lemon juice and black pepper
Glass of water

Cup of black orange pekoe tea

Piece of tandoori chicken
Lentil soup
2 glasses of water


2 thoughts on “Day Two – Weight-Loss Challenge”

  1. Congrats Tamana…Looks like day 2 was a good one! I enjoyed some chick pea curry as well, for my larger meal at lunch time…Happy Day three!


    1. Thanks Janine. It’s hard being at home all day and trying not to eat everything that’s in my fridge or cupboards. But I’m sticking it through.

      You like chickpea curry too huh? I’m in love with it. But we make it slightly drier.

      Do share what else you’re eating. I’d love some inspiration. Because I’m having trouble figuring out what to eat.

      Happy day 3 to you too!


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