Day Three – Weight-Loss Challenge

I feel like in running out of ideas for foods to make and eat. Last night’s tandoori chicken (aka BBQ chicken) was a very good idea. I even have a piece left for today. But what to have for dinner is becoming hard to figure out.

I didn’t do too bad today either with my meals. But I think I’ll have to refer to Pinterest for some recipes. Oh btw, I have a board on Pinterest for all my health and remedies pins. You’re welcome to follow me on there and check out the stuff I’m pinning. Just click HERE!

Here’s today’s meals:

Cup of green tea
Glass of water
Two boiled egg whites
1 slice brown toast

Big bowl of salad with lemon and black pepper seasoning
2 glasses of water
Chicken strips

Cup of black orange pekoe tea

Bowl of yogurt
Bowl of salad
Small portion of kerela (aka bitter gourd)

Small Orange Tangerine yogurt smoothie from Tim Horton’s

I know smoothie from Tim Horton’s may seem like I cheated. However, it was only 150 calories and was made with low-fat yogurt. Plus, my calorie and food in-take have been quite reasonable so I’m excusing myself from the smoothie.

But I must say, that was one of the best smoothies I’ve ever had! I think I’ll try making it at home someday. Yum-my!


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