Day Four – Weight-Loss Challenge

It was a busy day and D, myself and Ni all had a doctor’s appointment; which is why I didn’t get a chance to post yesterday’s meals.

So, here’s yesterday’s food journal:

Cup of green tea
Bottle of Boost meal replacement shake

Slim-fast snack bar

Flatbread sandwich from Subway (minimal low-fat mayo and lots of veggies)
2 glasses of water

Slim-fast snack bar

Boost meal replacement shake

As you can notice I’ve started drinking meal replacement shakes again. I’m finding it too hard to not eat everything I make for D and so have turned to the shakes for breakfast and dinner. I don’t plan to have them all the time, just when I’m feeling lazy and don’t want to end up eating easy accessible junk food. The shakes are only 240 calories and keep me full for a long while. I even pour them into the blender with some ice and make a proper frozen shake out of then. They taste delicious!

If you can’t figure what to have for breakfast or dinner, try those Boost or Slim-fast shakes; they’re actually quite tasty and filling.

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