Weight-Loss Challenge – Weekend Edition

It was a busy weekend and I haven’t had the time to write up my posts! Although it was the weekend, I was a good girl and didn’t give into my craving for having a Whopper from Burger King. I did initially say that I would have a burger once in a while. But Friday was a complete write-off, so over the weekend I was pretty good and stuck to my routine.

If you must know, I made pakoras and mini-samosas on Friday because my aunt came over for tea in the afternoon. I really wanted to impress her so I got up early to cook and prep these snacks. But as I was cooking I ended up eating a couple. Those fried, delicious snacks really messed up my routine on Friday and I ended up spending the weekend eating healthy. I guess that’s good in a way. But still, I felt super guilty and didn’t want to add to my calories, so I stayed away from the Whoppers.

I’m still on my routine today and hope to add in some light exercises as well this week. I’ll be posting a small routine exercise session later that I plan to begin following start tomorrow.

Until then, stay healthy! Xoxox


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