Ni’s 9 Month Birthday Letter


Happy (Belated) 9 Month Birthday, angel!

You’re such a big girl now! I can’t believe it’s already been 9 months. Although, not much exciting has happened this month, in the sense that we have gone anywhere exciting; you’ve grown quite a bit and that’s exciting in itself.

Earlier this month at your doctor’s appointment, you weighed in at 16.5 lbs and measured at 70 cm. Although, the weight gain isn’t significant, I can’t believe you’ve grown 5 cm in just under 2 months. Everyone thinks you’re a year old baby because you’re so tall.

But you still don’t know have any teeth yet. Mommy and daddy are anxiously awaiting the arrival of your little teeth. You seem to scratch your gums with toys and even your tongue, but no teeth appear. 😒 It’s okay though, we know that every child grows differently and mommy and daddy love you nonetheless. I’m sure they’ll come in sooner than later.

Besides that, you’ve started standing up. Of course you pull yourself up with the support of tables and sofas. But it’s so exciting to see you stand up. If mommy or daddy hold your hand and try to pull you slightly forward, you even take a few baby steps. Someone told me a whole ago that maybe you won’t crawl at all and will go straight to walking. It certainly seems like that might come true.

Other than walking, you’ve also started muttering lots of new sounds and words. You say papa now and that drives your daddy crazy. He loves hearing you say that. I wonder when you’ll say mama.

Well sweetheart, don’t you ever forget how much mommy and daddy love you. Happy 9 Month Birthday, again.


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