Becoming Hopeless – Weight-Loss Hell

I am becoming so hopeless. I was on my eat-right diet plan for so many days, I even did the detox and didn’t manage to lose a single pound. I exercised, I ate less, I ate right and nothing. No friggin difference made at all.

I only have 2.5 months before I have to go back to work and I still haven’t lost any weight. I am so depressed. I am constantly feeling hungry but after checking my weight today and realizing I still haven’t lost a single point, I think I might just stop eating all together. Maybe I’ll just do a crash diet of water and celery sticks for a week and hopefully shed 5-10 pounds and then go back to my routine or not (depends on how much weight I lose in the first week).

I need some sort of miracle to help lose the first few pounds. Then maybe I’ll be determined again to eat better.

Feel horribly hopeless,


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