Update – Past Week: Mundun Ceremony & The Price Is Right

This past week has been so busy and exciting for me, D and Ni.

First was Ni’d mundun (aka head shaving ceremony). Indian culture believes that the first set of hair a child grows on their head is quite soft and sensitive. The pores on the head are delicate and prone to infection. By shaving the child’s head before their first birthday, either in the ninth or eleventh month, you close those pores, prevent infections and allow hair to grow thicker and fuller. The ceremony is normally arranged by the father’s parents; however since D’s parents passed away many years ago and the rest of his family are all in India, my parents had the honor of fulfilling that duty. A pundit (aka priest) was called over to my parent’a house, who preformed the ceremony. We kept it small as Ni’s birthday is just 2 months away and I didn’t want to double work for my mom and I by inviting people now and then again on her birthday. After the ceremony, Ni’s hair was given to us to hang onto until we go back to India. It is recommended to put the hair into one of the holy bodies of water (i.e. Ganges). I believe for Hindus, the Ganges are the purest form of water and by putting the hair in there you ward off evil.

It was quite an evening. My angel is now bald. But her head has already started to darken again with little tiny hairs coming back in. Hopefully, she’ll have a full-head of hair by her 1 year birthday party. Oh and did I mention how absolutely adorable she looks bald? OMG, she looks even cuter now as a baldy with her cheek-to-cheek grin. I’ve been trying to snap a pic of her smiling to show all of you but she’s so quick to turn away from the camera that I haven’t been able to do so. As soon as I get a pic I’ll upload it on here.

A couple of days after her mundun ceremony, D and I celebrated our anniversary by me surprising him with tickets to a live taping of The Price Is Right at the Molson Amphitheater here in Toronto. It was an amazing experience. Sadly though, we didn’t get called up to be a contestant. But it was fun as could be.

So, I’m sorry for not writing as often as I probably should be. But I’m trying to get the most out of the last two months of my maternity leave. Remember, I have to go back to work in November (yuck). So, we’re trying to have lots of fun and enjoy every moment we can together a a family. I try my best to share my experiences with all of you but sometimes it gets so busy that I don’t have the energy to write. I’ll try my best to post more often. But if I don’t, please be patient and keep coming back for more updates.



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