Weekly Update

Good morning Lovies! I know I’ve been MIA for the past few days. It’s just been a busy month for me and its just going to get busier as I get closer to my maternity leave coming to an end.

Ni hasn’t been feeling well these past few days, so all my attention and enegy has been towards her. She’s teething (finally) and her head’s horribly warm and tummy upset. I took her to the doctor’s office yesterday, but he says he’s a healthy little babushka and not to worry as children her age go through this when teeth. It’s hard not to worry though. She’s so small and I’m her mommy, so I can’t help myself.

So as you can imagine, I’ve been quite focused on her. Then there’s been a death in a family-friend’s home of a young man; which has left many of us shocked and asking questions. If you’re in Toronto or Canada, you may have read the news of a gentleman being burned to death in his vehicle in Barrie, Ontario. Yup, I knew him. He was an acquaintance’s husband. My parents are headed over to the family’s house this morning to convey their condolences. Although, I didn’t like the deceased’s wife, my sympathy is definitely with her and her two young children. It’s really sad to hear of death, especially one of such a young man.

If that was horrible enough news, my sister-in-law called my parents and told them her daughter had an attack over the weekend and was hospitalized. She’s only 3 years old, is an autistic child and apparently had a seizure or something. She’s better now but my parents are quite upset, as am I and D.

Anyway, it’s just been an unsettling week and I haven’t felt like writing. But decided it was time for a quick update. I’m still waiting for Ni’s tooth to start poking out, nearly 10 months and no teeth yet. She looks like a little old toothless lady. Adorable as always but quite frustrated these past few days. So, I’m going to try and write again soon. But if I don’t, please be patient with me, there’s a lot going on and is emotionally draining.

Until next time, have a safe week. Xoxox


4 thoughts on “Weekly Update”

  1. Dear friend, take care of your self and your famely, I am a father of 4 children, only one still leaving with me and I take good care of him. Our children it’s what it will stay when we will pass away. We have to well brought up so they could be a good person.

    love and peace on you and your famely.
    Bad thing hapen on this planet, but what is important is our famely.



  2. Same for me dear friend, I do not have much time to reed you. Since a few weeks, I’m making my web site for commerce and it take all my time, it’s a lot of work, specially when you don’t know how to do it. But you your time is more important with your family, I know our child take a lot of our time but it worth every minute.
    Did the picture his you and your baby ? she look great


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