Ni’s 10 Month Birthday Letter


Happy 10 Month Birthday, darling!

Almost a year has passed since you surprised me and your dad with your presence into our little world and what a surprise it has been. Feels like just yesterday I found out I was pregnant. Look at as now, 10 whole months have passed and you’ve grown so much, we’ve (your dad and I) have experienced so many different emotions and faced so many challenges (both good and bad). It’s been such an amazing journey so far and we are so eager to enjoy whatever is next on the road to raising you.

But you know, angel, we both wonder if we’re doing a good job or not. We wonder if we’re being good parents or not. We wonder if we’re providing the right things for you and fulfilling all your needs or not. It’s hard to know what’s right or wrong, what’s good or bad. I mean, there’s no official book on what’s good parenting. So we’re trying the best that we can and hope it shows as you grow older.

This past month has been quite eventful. You had your mundun. We held a small ceremony at your grandparent’s house. You Sah mamu, Jas mamu, mommy, daddy and grandparents attended. There was a pandit there too. After the ceremony we all had dinner and took lots of photos. Here’s one of those photos.


Everyone keeps telling me that you’ve become more hyper and naughty after that ceremony. You’re much more active, jumpy and silly since them. You love bouncing on the sofa and then falling down. You fall and get up and fall again and again. It’s hilarious. You’ve also started babbling a lot too.

We went to the CNE again this year but with Har chachu, his two friends, Roh. chachu and his wife. I think the loud music and hundreds of thousands of new faces wandering around scared you a lot. You cried quite a bit. But after we left the CNE, we went to Har chachu’s house for a rooftop barbecue in his building. You seemed to really enjoy being out in the fresh air without all the noise.

Anyway, on our way home, you fell asleep in your car seat. Daddy was sitting in the back with you so he could feed you milk. After you dozed off, daddy and I were quietly talking. A few minutes later you sat up, eyes still closed and babbled, “aja baja dada Tata mama na” and fell back asleep. Then when daddy looked over you were snoring and smiling in your sleep. Lol. It was absolutely hilarious an adorable. I jut wish we could’ve recorded a video of it to show you when you grew up.

Anyway sweetheart, you still don’t have any teeth yet. But I think they’ll arrive soon because you’ve have a very hot head lately, plus diarrhea and a fever. I took you to Dr. S for a check up and he thinks you’re teething too; which would explain the symptoms. I hope your little chippers come in soon, I don’t like seeing you not feeling well.

Well, that’s all for this month darling. I write about all our adventures again soon. Always remember how much mommy and daddy love you.



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