Product Review: Feria Wild Ombré 060


My maternity leave is almost done and I want to go back to work looking fresh and new. So I decided to try the Feria Wild Ombré this morning. It’s a subtle yet bold way to transform your look and if you have a husband like mine, who swears by “the all natural beauty of an Indian woman is in black hair”, then you’ll know that doing something dramatic to your hair is just asking for trouble. At the end of the day, he is a guy, so I was hoping he wouldn’t notice the change in color too much to cause a conversation about it.

If you’re thinking of lightening your hair for fall at-home using L’ Oreal’s Feria Wild Ombré, then read this first! The at-home system was quite easy to do. However, it got messy and I would strongly advise to have a friend or family member help you do it.

Firstly, if you are asthmatic or have sensitivity to strong chemical smells, then I highly advise to stay away from this product. I’m asthmatic and the moment I put it on my hair, I was coughing and fighting to catch my breath. It stinks! Horrible disgusting smell and ever-so strong.

The little brush (aka applicator) you get surprisingly works quite well to evenly distribute the product on your hair. However, due to the product being a mixture of powder and cream, I found it hard to squeeze it out of the bottle cap. I know, you’re probably thinking i didn’t mix it all properly, trust me, I did! Anyway, I ended up removing the cap and just applying the product on the brush straight out of the bottle. Like I said, it got messy! Thank god for towels and baby wipes.

I waited the recommended 25 minutes and then took a shower. I didn’t use the conditioning shampoo that came with the box because I’ve heard it dries out your hair. But I did use my heavy Joico hair mask after because I found my strands just limp and dry. Plus, the color turned out dull. I mean it looks good but not what I had hoped for. I wanted it much lighter but it’s just a faded red from my current dark chocolate/burgundy color.

Here’s my results:
Color: dull/faded 2/5
Application: easy, messy 3/5
Smell: horrible 1/5
After application hair texture: rough, lots of split ends 1/5
Overall rating: 2/5
Would I do it again? Probably not
Would I recommend it to my friends: absolutely not



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