Planning Begins For Munchkins 1st Birthday Party

Although Ni isn’t a year old yet and her birthday is still a month and a half away, I have begun planning her birthday party. It’s been a stressful and confusing week trying to figure out when and where we’ll hold her party. As you all know, she’s an Halloween baby and so trying to figure out if I wanted to do the party on Halloween or another day was a tough choice. Also, Diwali is on November 2nd this year; which falls on a Saturday, pardon me, which falls on THE Saturday I had planned to throw her party. Unfortunately, I can’t have her birthday then either because we have prayers at home and don’t eat or cook meat at home.

So, finally after all the fuss, D and I have decided to have her birthday on Halloween. We’re not throwing a big bash and inviting too many people. Just about 20 of our close family and friends. Plus, the party is going to be in our home and I plan to cook most of the good myself. We’ve even managed to get our guest list ready and now I just need to find the perfect invites to send out. I saw a great invite on Pinterest a couple of days ago and am really thinking of getting something similar made for Ni. It’s a card with 12 photos of her, one for each past month of her life on the front. I’ll try to put some samples up soon.

I’m not doing a Halloween theme as she’s too young to enjoy it. So, I might just do a nice pink-princess theme. That’s still in the planning. As I chalk up more ideas, I’ll share them with all of you. If you have any good ideas then please share them with me.



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