Woman Issues: Mirena IUD

As you all know, I gave birth to my little angel last October. My pregnancy was completely a surprise to me and D. We didn’t plan for it and quite frankly, weren’t ready for it either. But the Almighty does mysterious things and we were blessed with a health, beautiful baby girl.

During my pregnancy, I barely gained any weight (12lbs to be exact). But I was over weight to start with. And after giving birth, I lost a total of 24 lbs within weeks.

At my first appointment with my gynecologist since giving birth, my gyno recommended birth-control to prevent any other surprise pregnancies. She mentioned that after giving birth, my body had enough hormones actively present to easily get pregnant again and if I didn’t want to, them I should take precautions to prevent it. We discussed many methods of contraceptives and I told her I’d tried the birth control pills in the past and couldn’t commit to taking a pill at the same time every day. She discussed IUDs with me. A one time insertion that lasts for 5 years and less flow during aunt Mary’s visit each month? How could I have rejected. So two weeks later, I had Mirena inserted and was one my way to a carefree life without the worry of getting pregnant again.

But then things changed. I changed. My body changed. My emotions changed. One minute I was happy, the next crying or angry. So many sleepless nights that I’ve given up on counting anymore. Horribly increased appetite. Like I was eating for two again. If all that wasn’t bad enough, I gained weight and couldn’t she’s a pound for the life of me.

I kept telling my physician that something was terribly wrong with me and after enough pressure from me, he agreed to give me a full physical exam; X-rays, ultrasounds, blood tests and all. He laughed when I anxiously asked him the results at my follow up visit and told me I was a boring case of crazy. He said all my reports were fantastic and nothing was wrong with me. But I objected and explained how I was feeling and physically and emotionally going through. His next reply struck me hard, “I think you’re depressed and we should try a round of antidepressants and see how you feel in a few weeks”. antidepressants? What? I wasn’t depressed and sure as hell didn’t need any medicating to calm be down and bring me back to normalcy. What I needed was to know what was wrong with me.

I stormed out of his office quite upset and as I was walking out the door it struck me, the IUD! Could it be the IUD doing all of this to me? I ran back into his room and asked him. But again he shattered my hopes of finding reasoning to my craziness. He said he didn’t know much about it but didn’t think it was possible. He told me to speak to my gynecologist and consult her. Gee thanks doc, you’re so friggin helpful. Not!

Anyway, I went home and did research online and after confirming my suspicion, I called my gyno’s office and asked for an immediate appointment.

Last Friday I had the IUD removed by my gyno. She told me everything I was going through was due to the IUD and that after having it removed it would take about 3-4 weeks for the hormones to leave my body and I should go back to normal. She told me that it was very rare to be experiencing such symptoms and she only had one other patient ever have similar results. Sigh! So, far all the craziness, mood-swings, depression, anxiety and 30 lbs gained, I finally figured out what was wrong with me. I’m starting up my weight-loss regime again and have been put on Metformin to help. I’ll keep you updated on my progress. Wish me luck. Apparently, it takes a while for your body to fully recover from Mirena.


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