Quick Update

My dearest lovies, I sincerely apologize for being MIA these past few weeks and only writing ever-so-often. I’m going through many changes within my body after having the IUD removed and just don’t feel like myself these days. I’m quite depressed at times and angry at other times. I’m seeking refuge in alone time; which I rarely get.

As Ni is growing, she requires more and more of my attention. It’s quite exhausting at times. But I’m doing my best to balance my time with her and my other responsibilities. We are in full force planning and preparing for her birthday. We’ve finally decide on a theme and have purchased an adorable outfit for her to wear that day. The guest list has been fixed and decorations chosen. We just need to pick them up and then place the order for the dinner.

Along with being busy with her birthday preparations, I am trying to wrap my head around going back to work in a month. I’m dreading it, quite frankly and am working hard to convince myself to go back. I know I’m not the stay-at-home mom type, but I just feel discouraged every time I think about going back. Anxiety fills up inside me and depresses me further.

I’ve decided to take my physicians recommendation on taking anti-depressants and will be filling my prescription tomorrow. I’m hoping that the medication will help lift my spirits in all aspects of my life (fingers-crossed).

So that’s where I stand right now. I’ve said it many times before and am saying it again, please have patience with me. I will be back to myself soon. I just need to find myself first.

Xoxo ~ Tamana


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